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Our Philosophy

Omorfia translates to "beauty" from greek. Medically based, our values stem from our original Greek medicine forefathers, which have laid our ethical commitments to make your safety and well-being our priority.

We already know you are beautiful, but some people need a little help to feel confident in their own skin. At Omorfia, we strive to help you have natural, beautiful results so that you can put your best self-forward with the confidence you deserve. 

Whether you are aiming to regain the glow of your younger years, maintain your age-appropriate beauty, or transition to a new you, we are happy to welcome you in for a consultation and help make a plan to achieve your goals. Consultation fees apply for Dr Brake but will be credited towards your treatment, if you choose to go ahead. 

At Omorfia, all injectable treatments are done by the surgeon.

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