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Patient Stories
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How you look can impact how you feel.

Happily, neuromodulators like Botox™ can help to feel youthful, refreshed, and beautiful—inside and out. But don’t take it from us. Read about two of our patients, Jade and Diana, before and after their time at Omorfia.

Before coming to Omorfia, our patients feel stressed, tired, depleted—all of which can show up in their skin. Jade and Diana were no different.

With Dr Brake’s treatments, she helped them feel the exact opposite. With decades of experience as a medical doctor and licensed practitioner, she has the knowledge, expertise, and skillset to give every patient the results they’re looking for.


Read on for Jade and Diana's stories.

Meet Jade

Jade is a healthcare professional who—like so many others—worked incredibly hard throughout this pandemic. Due to stress and long hours, Jade just wasn’t feeling like herself anymore.


“I just felt like I had the look that I had been through a lot on my face,” she told us.


Following her treatments with Omorfia, she reflects that it’s been nice to “have my exterior match my interior, in terms of feeling healthy again, refreshed, and youthful. Dr. Brake made that happen for me.”

Critically for Jade, Dr Brake demonstrated the qualities that Jade was looking for in a medical aesthetics practitioner: experience, knowledge, and expertise. But what stood out was Dr Brake’s kindness and respect towards her patients. “Dr. Brake is very personable and realistic. And there’s no upselling. I will definitely be back.


But what stood out for Jade was Dr Brake’s respect for her patients.
“Dr. Brake is very personable and realistic. This is somebody genuinely passionate about what she does,”
Jade says. “And there’s no upselling. I will definitely be back.”

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8 vials of filler (Juvederm® - 6 voluma, 2 volift) 

Botox (36 units) 

Skin care recommendations:
Vitamin C, E, Peptides and sunscreen


Meet Diana

Before coming to Omorfia, Diana was exhausted—and she felt like that manifested in her skin. “Over the last couple of years with the stress of my business and COVID, I felt like my face was depleted.”


But after her time with Dr Brake, she felt decidedly different. “The treatments definitely brightened my look. People were starting to say, ‘Oh, have you changed your makeup?’”


Diana began to feel better—inside and out. “My face appeared to be youthful, fresher, brighter… Her work was amazing.”


And as for Diana’s time with Dr Brake herself, she only has nice things to say. “She makes you feel comfortable, and she wants you to be happy with the results. I can't say enough nice things about her. She makes sure that you get what you need.”


“She makes actual knowledgeable decisions on what you need,” Diana says. “And she makes sure that you get what you need.”

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Juvederm® Volite treatment
(Hyaluronic skin treatment)

Botox Cosmetic®

Juvederm® Fillers

Omorfia's commitment to your confidence.

It’s our passionate hope at Omorfia to offer professionally delivered skin treatments as a helpful and affirming option in your self-care toolkit. 


We are committed to applying our knowledge, experience, and a deep passion for helping others feel their best, to helping you—and every one of our patients—feel like your most confident and beautiful self.